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Picea abies— Norway Spruce

Medium to fast-growing evergreen tree. Great for windbreaks. Matures at 60′ tall x 20′ wide. An exceptional evergreen!

  • ‘Pendula’— Weeping Norway Spruce

Grown naturally, evergeen tree grows over ground. Casades over rocks or walld. Staked it becomes irregular with pendulous or weeping branches.

Picea glauca ‘Conica’— Dwarf Ablerta Spruce

Conical-shaped evergreen tree. Very slow growing. Maximum height 6—8′

Picea omorika— Serbian Spruce

Narrow evergreen tree with pendant branches. Matures at 50—60 tall x 15′ wide


Piceca orientalis—Oriental Spruce(Gold Medal Winner) 

Broadly columar, slow growing evergreen tree that matures at 40′ x 15—20′ wide

Picea pungens— Colorado Spruce

Natural form of Colorado Spruce, strong green-blue needles. Matures 30′ tall x 15′ wide

  • ‘Montgomery’— Montgomery Spruce

  • ‘Globosa’— Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

Densely branched globe with bright silver-blue foliage. Matures 4—6

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