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Acer griseum—Paperbark Maple (Gold Medal Winner)

A small deciduous tree that matures at 20—25’ tall x 20’ wide. Brilliant red fall color. Winter interest with exfoliating bark.

Acer platanoides

Deciduous tree with large, dark red-purple foliage. Matures at 50′ tall x 30′ wide.

  • ‘Crimson King’

  • ‘Crimson Sentry’

  • ‘Royal Red’


Acer rubrum—Red Maple

Round-headed deciduous tree with dark green 4″ leaves. Leaves are grayish white beneath and turn bright red in the fall. Makes an excellent shade, specimen, and street tree. Matures to 45′ tall x 30′ wide.

  • October Glory

  • ‘Red Sunset’


Acer saccharum—Sugar Maple

Fast growing tree with a dense crown. Thick leathery leaves resist drought and leaf
tatter. Great orange-yellow fall color. Matures at 50′.

  • ‘Green Mountain’

  • ‘Fall Fiesta’
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