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Buxus sempervirens—American or Common Boxwood

A dark green, broadleaf, evergreen shrub. Matures over long time at 10′ high x 10′ wide. Leaves are dark green on top with a yellowish green underside. Globe or Pyramidal, Dee Runk (Uprights), Rotundafolia

  •  ‘Variegata’—Variegated Boxwood

A dark green broadleaf evergreen shrub. Creamy white-edged leaf. Globe or Pyramidal.


Buxus microphylla / koreana

  • ‘Baby Gem’

More comapct than Winter Gem

  • ‘Winter Gem’

Grows 4′- 6′ high x wide, densely branched and hardy

  • ‘Green Gem’

Slow growing, dense globe, 2’x 2′

  • ‘Green Mountain’

Matures at 5′, cone shaped with light green foliage

  • ‘Green Velvet’ (Gold Medal Winner)

Grows 3′- 4′ high and wide

We also grow & sell ‘Franklin’s Gem’, Sprinter, NextGen, ‘Wee Willie’ Pom Poms, ‘Justin Brouwers’ (Topiary, & Spirals), ‘Highlander’, & ‘Skywalker’

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